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SGP Publishing Process

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I become a published author with author with SGP?

To become a published author with SGP you must first schedule a consultation to determine if SGP is the publishing company for your literary work. You can schedule the consulation by clicking on the link

2. How long does it take to publish a book?

The length of time varies based on several factors such as the word count of the book, the clients budget in regards to making payments and the SGP work load at the time of signing a contract. Most publishing time frames range from 90 days to six months. Books that require ghostwriting could take up to 8 months depending on the size of the book. This would be determined after obtaining and reviewing all of the content. 

3. Can I send my literary work without it being copyrighted?

At SGP we do not allow clients to submit their literary work without first signing a non-disclosure agreement stating that you are sending your work for review only and SGP does not have any rights to keep or distribute your work without a signed contract. 

4. After choosing a package how does the payment process work?

After choosing a package the client will receive an electronic proposal. The proposal will include the details of the package and will give the client the opportunity to pay their deposit online to begin the publishing services. The deposit if a portion of the publishing package chosen by the client. Once the deposit is made the client must provide the estimated dates for the remaining payments to be placed on the contract. All funds must be paid before the book is released to print. 


Please be advised that payments are non-refundable. Once you sign the contract you are obligated by law to fulfill the financial terms of the contract, unless otherwise noted by a representative of SGP. 

5. What does the publishing process consist of?

  • Client consultation

  • Send cover details to graphic artist to create cover

  • Prepare writing schedule 

  • Create Webpage for pre-sale promotions

  • Once the cover is complete the pre-sales can begin 

  • Editing and formatting of book

  • The completed manuscript is sent to the client

  • The client has up to 14 days to review and send back for revisions if needed

  • Once revisions are completed (if needed) the manuscript is sent back to the client for a FINAL review

  • When the completed manuscript is returned with no revisions needed the manuscript is then uploaded for publishing

  • The publishing process takes up to 72 hours (company must review files, interior and cover before printing)

  • After the approval email is received the orders for printed copies of the book can be placed

  • The book is then placed on Amazon, Kindle and the SGP website (in the event these services are included in your package)

  • The books are ordered at a wholesale rate and shipped directly to the client

6. What are pre-sales?

During pre-sales or pre-orders the client can sell the book at a discounted rate to promote the book. Pre-sales can be done during the publishing process, as it is only a means to promote and get others excited about the upcoming book release. The funds collected from the pre-sales can also be used towards your first set of books. SGP will create a webpage to sell your pre-sale books that will only be available for 30 days. You do have the option of building a full author website that can also be used for your business (only for clients who have web design in their package). 


7. How can I track Amazon/Kindle sales?


SGP has a publishing account with Amazon /Kindle, therefore I am able to run monthly, quarterly and yearly reports for sales and royalties. There is no way to have direct access to this information unless you self-publish outside of SGP. 

8. When are royalties paid and how do I receive them?

Royalties are paid from Amazon/Kindle on a quarterly basis. If your book was placed on Amazon/Kindle on January, your royalties will not be deposited until April 29th. All royalties are deposited on the 29th of the 3rd month. The funds are sent to the SGP account and then distributed to the client through their preferred payment method. 

9. How do I order copies of my book? 

All book orders are placed through SGP. We will provide an estimate based on the number of books to be ordered, plus shipping and tax. The book is discounted on a wholesale rate for each book and the prices  vary based on the number of books being ordered. You can send an email via to order books. 

10. How do I make changes to the book after it has been published?


Please check your manuscript thoroughly during the review process. Once the book has been published and revisions are needed there will be a fee assessed based on the word count and what needs to be corrected. 

11. Will I have rights to my published literary work?

Yes, as the client you have all rights to your literary work. SGP offers self-publishing services that is contracted by the client to assist in the publishing of their book. SGP does not take any parts of the clients royalties. In the event you would like to remove your literary work from SGP documentation will be drafted stating this and there will be a fee accessed to retire the book and turn over all files to the client. 

12. Is there a difference between hardback books and soft cover books? 

Yes, the soft cover books are less expensive to print. They can range in price from $3.15 to $5.15 based on the number of pages and interior design. Hardbacks are very expensive, but look very nice. They can range from $8.15 to $15.15 per book based on the number of pages and interior design. Most authors opt for the paperback books due to the cost per book to print and to sell. 

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